Take action to prevent an attack.

Operate confidently knowing you have neutralized high-risk vulnerabilities hidden in your ICS/OT equipment.

The Risk Rating

Identify, prioritize, and mitigate risks 

Ceritas leverages AI to capture product, component, and vulnerability relationships. The simple color rating system allows ICS/OT network teams to easily prioritize vulnerability mitigations based on business case and severity.

Simplifying security with consistent monitoring and clear ratings

Check equipment during the procurement process to avoid adding risky hardware to your tech stack

Operate confidently as Ceritas monitors your tech stack, alerts you of vulnerabilities, and provides clear instructions to mitigate risk

Quickly locate vulnerable equipment with intuitive filters and a simple risk rating system

Save time and resources by customizing how you view your equipment inventory

Ceritas is powered by AI that takes into account the complex nature of hardware and the microelectronics supply chain.

Hardware Bill of Materials (HBOM)

To easily see the key subcomponents in each piece of ICS/OT equlpment

Vulnerability Analysis Rating

To keep you on top of hardware vulnerabilities with specific steps to mitigate risk

Supplier and Manufacturer Ratings

To help you avoid emerging threats from high risk players across the supply chain

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